I was at the IBM Cognos Partner Forum earlier today and there was a keynote where Rob Ashe (IBM GM and former CEO of Cognos) spoke.  He spoke quite well and seemedvery enthused about business.  This is the first time I have heard him speak live and found he was quite good.  Seems IBM Cognos is doing well.  A couple of interesting things I heard:

1. Rob commented that he felt Cloud Computing was a paradigm shift on the order of client/server and web computing.

2. Rob said that in Q4, Cognos had the highest organic growth in the last 10 years.  That I found very interesting.  This is what we are seeing in Simba's OLAP / MDX query language business as well.

In the keynote, the speakers also took shots at Oracle, MicroStrategy, and SAP Business Objects.  SAP Business Objects got more shots than the other two – interesting to note because it would indicate that this is where they see their strongest competition.

In the keynote, the speakers also talked a lot about performance management.  This seems to be more the focus than general BI.  Also interesting to note because this is where SAP and Business Objects did a lot of acquisitions (good acquisitions like Outlooksoft, Cartesis, Pilot Software, ALG Software) and also and area where I felt Hyperion has traditionally been strong.