To keep pace with the speed of today’s business, everybody is looking to gain faster, more valuable insight from information. However, delivering real-time access to data for business users while minimizing dependence on the IT team is a struggle for most organizations.

Reporting from multiple data sources in real time drives most of us crazy. Now there’s a better way to provide a business view of data (beyond access to raw data) irrespective of the analytic tool utilized.

See how Magnitude Gateway acts as a data connectivity super highway, avoiding common roadblocks.

Simplify Reporting from Multiple Data Source in Real-Time

Magnitude Gateway is an industry breakthrough for connecting applications and data sources. The solution leverages 100s of person years of connectivity expertise, and delivers an intelligent and unified bridge to today’s critical business apps and data sources.

Good for business users. Good for the enterprise. Good for software providers whose customers demand connectivity to more and more data sources in the cloud and at the edge of the enterprise.

Dive deeper into this topic by reading our Magnitude Gateway Product Overview white paper.