Before configuring an ODBC driver on a Mac, you will need to download and install a Driver Manager, iODBC. Refer to your System Requirements documentation for iODBC versions compatible with your ODBC Driver:

iODBC can be downloaded from

Download iODBC package

For this example, we are using version 3.52.12.

Download iODBC package for ODBC driver on Mac

Download mxkozzzz.dmg file to your computer. Double click mxkozzzz.dmg file to mount the disk image

DM install iodbc on Mac

Double click iODBC-SDK.pkg to run the installer. You will be guided through the steps necessary to install this software. Now you can register your ODBC driver.

Permission setup for iODBC on Mac OS

Allow write permissions to enable value update of USER DSN in iODBC Administrator

  1. In Finder, from your home {username} folder, go to {username}/Library/ODBC folder and find the file named odbc.ini.

    In this blog, we only need to allow the permission in user’s folder because we are only updating value in USER DSN. If you want to use a SYSTEM DSN instead, click “Go” in the finder menu and choose “Go to Folder…” or press Shift + Command + G as shortcut. Type in /Library/ODBC and click on “Go”.

    You can find the file named odbc.ini.
  2. Right click on odbc.ini, and choose Get Info option.
  3. In Sharing & Permission section, ensure your user group has the permission to Read & Write. You might need administrator permission to edit this section. Click on the lock icon at bottom right corner to unlock the permission to edit the list.
    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 5.06.23 PM

    the list, click the “+” button at bottom left corner to add yourself. Then select your privilege to see the options and set it as Read & Write.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 5.08.15 PM

  4. Now you are all set with the permission settings.