The big news on Valentine’s day was the match up between HP and Vertica.  Very shortly after HP kills off NeoView, they go an buy a NeoView competitor.  You can read more about it here: and

This is very interesting.  Last year SAP bought Sybase, IBM bought Netezza, and EMC bought GreenPlum.  Now, HP buys Vertica.  Definitely a lot of consolidation going on.  I wonder what will happen with Aster Data, Kognitio, and ParAccel?

The timing of HP’s acquisition is a bit confusing.  HP just recently discontinued selling NeoView ( and causes confusion within their customers and then three weeks later goes an acquires Vertica.  You would think that they would have first done a deal with Vertica and then given their customers a clear path from NeoView to Vertica rather than leaving their customers unsure of what to do for almost a month.  Since NeoView and Vertica compete, I would assume that NeoView must have been losing more to Vertica than others and that is why HP decided to acquire Vertica.

Again, however, there is confusion because HP provides the hardware for both the Microsoft SQL Server ( and SAP HANA solutions (

So, to summarize, HP discontinues their data warehouse product, NeoView, then buys competitor data warehouse product Vertica and at the same time provides hardware solutions for competitive products Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA.  Sounds confusing but at least they have all bases covered.