Here’s some exciting news for you enterprise data connectivity junkies out there: SAP’s BI 4.1 suite will support Hive2 and Impala connectivity via ODBC and JDBC drivers from Simba Technologies. And later in the year, so too will SAP’s Lumira data visualization software.

For Simba Technologies, it’s a mutually-rewarding partnership: Simba shares SAP’s broad commitments to enterprise Big Data innovation, integration, productivity, and efficiency. But beyond that, why should Simba’s connectivity “plumbing” matter to SAP’s customers?

SAP BI 4.1 + Simba Connectivity = The Future of Big Data Interoperability
SAP’s adoption of Simba connectivity drivers represents SAP taking a progressive stand for the innovation enterprise: From the data warehouse to the BI application to the Hadoop framework of choice, when it comes to Big Data in the enterprise, interoperability matters. A lot.

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