Simba had the pleasure of being invited as one of the industry speakers at BCIT for the Computer Systems Technology program.

Introducing Simba to BCIT Students

BCIT works closely with many industries to ensure that the training students receive remain on the cutting edge of current practices.  The curriculum for the CST program at BCIT involves students complete an Industry Sponsored Student Project  (ISSP). For the comp 4900 course, students are paired with companies to create technical solutions for the real-world. This gives the students a window into what the industry might expect of them. Our Simba team had the opportunity to inspire the minds of the next generation of engineers and tech talent during the comp 4900 lecture series.

Introducing Simba to BCIT StudentsOur diverse Simba speaker line up for the event included Vish, Jelena, Andrei and myself. Our goal was to share our insights on current technologies, outline some business challenges, and of course introduce students to various roles that exist in the software industry.

The core of Simba’s product is the Simba Engine SDK. All the drivers available by Simba are developed using this SDK. Vish articulated with a detailed breakdown on how one could reduce time to market when building an ODBC or JDBC driver using our SDK.

Jelena wowed the students with the advancement in data connectivity. With just click of a few buttons, data from Redshift sitting on AWS was displayed in excel. Jelena’s demonstration is one example of how easy it is to retrieve live data from virtually any data source. For a complete list of our drivers, check out our data connectors page.

Introducing Simba to BCIT StudentsAndrei challenged the students to consider a career in test automation and integration. Delivering reliable and performant drivers is a fundamental business need and the heart of Simba’s business. Considering the amount of drivers Simba has and the platforms the drivers are supported on; the matrix can get quite complex. Andrei is key in making sure the processes are running smoothly and effectively.

My section focused on partnerships and the pride we take in fostering and growing these relationships.  For instance, our recent partnership with Kx allowed us to develop ODBC connectivity for a time series data source, kdb+, enabling Kx customers to deploy their data to a broader range of applications.

There are many people who make Simba a leader in data connectivity.  We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our perspective on the industry and why we enjoy working at Simba. Thanks to BCIT for the invitation. It is refreshing to see schools bringing students and the industry together.