An interesting post by Alex Williams at techcrunch from this past March about “Oracle Is Bleeding At The Hands Of Database Rivals” is worth a quick read.

Most of the new Big Data vendors like DataStax use ODBC drivers from Simba.  The reason they use our drivers is that besides being fully standards compliant (actually, Simba co-developed the ODBC specification with Microsoft back in the day), Simba’s ODBC drivers have our SQL Connector technology which allows us to bridge between SQL and things like HiveQL.  Therefore, if you are using a product like Tableau, SAP Lumira (fka Visual Intelligence), Excel, or Crystal Reports, everything just works.

So, why is Alex’s article of interest?  Well, we have so many partners in the Big Data space, that I am always curious how they are doing against the traditional database vendors like Oracle and Teradata.  Alex’s article helps give some insight into how seriously enterprises are looking at the new Big Data vendors like DataStax, Cloudera, Google, HortonWorks, MapR, Splunk, etc.