Today we have released SimbaEngine SDK X, v 10.0.6, the next minor release of the SimbaEngine X SDK, containing the new Java SQL Engine.

Simpler JDBC Driver Development

The Simba SQL Engine is a high-performance, standard-compliant SQL parser and execution engine.  It is designed to allow our customers to build drivers for data sources that are not fully SQL compliant.  We already have a C++ SQL Engine, and the addition of a native Java SQL Engine results in several advantages for developers and users.

It is now simpler for developers to build JDBC drivers for non SQL compliant data sources.  The Simba JDBC Client/Server configuration, and the C++ to Java Bridge (JNI DSI) are both no longer needed.

Instead the developer only needs to use the Java Simba SQL Engine and the Java Data Store Interface to build the driver. This results in an easier deployment and better performance due to the driver containing only Java code.

Code Reuse

Another benefit of using the Java SQL Engine to build a pure Java JDBC driver for non SQL compliant data sources is that you can use the same Java SQL Engine and the same Java Data Store Interface implementation to build both a JDBC and an ODBC driver.

ODBC Driver Built in Java

If you have built your JDBC driver for your non SQL supporting data source using the new Java SQL engine, you can simply reconfigure your build project to build an ODBC driver, using the same code. This reduces the amount of effort necessary for creating your drivers.  You don’t have to learn C++ or another language to create your ODBC driver.

Benefits of using the Java SQL Engine to build a pure Java JDBC driver for non SQL compliant datasources are:

  • Moving to a pure Java SQL Engine improves performance, portability, maintenance, and simplifies deployment.
  • Developers have access to advanced Java SQL Engine features like parse tree and AETree evaluation and translation.
  • There are more passdown features available to Java developers with the new Java SQL Engine.

Of course in SimbaEngine X we also added support for the latest JDBC 4.2 standard, so end-users can now make use of the latest and greatest features of JDBC without any extra effort. We will explore this in a later post

build an odbc or jdbc driver in only 5 days with SimbaEngine X SDK