Having spent more than two decades at the leading edge of the data management sector entrenched in its evolution and leading businesses across big data, data management and connectivity, I’m an ‘industry veteran’ in corporate speak. So at this defining point in my career, there are many boxes to tick in choosing my next move. After careful deliberation, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Magnitude Software as General Manager for its Connectivity business.

Here are my top six reasons for joining Magnitude:

Talented team: I’m impressed with the caliber of talent, drive and enthusiasm across the leadership team and lines of business. So I’ve joined this team with a focus on driving strategy, growth, product and operations for the Connectivity business. As part of Magnitude’s leadership team, I’ll also be a collaborator in finding ways to leverage our Simba-based technologies to deliver new, integrated solutions across Magnitude’s entire portfolio.

Technology advancement: The rapid pace of technological and digital advancement has generated an avalanche of ever-increasing data sources. Being able to answer fundamental questions to run today’s businesses requires understanding what data you have, and where and how it relates to the problem you’re trying to solve or the goal you’ve set out to achieve. And this is getting exponentially more complicated for businesses to manage. So I’m excited to take on this next big challenge with Magnitude to influence this technology evolution.

A rising market need: Solving these mounting data challenges requires – first and foremost – the foundational technology, connectivity. This is essential for making sense of all the growing sources of information. I’ll have the opportunity to define product roadmaps and tightly integrate our connectivity capability with the rest of the Magnitude portfolio to give customers the real insights they need.

Growing business momentum: It’s an exciting time for Magnitude and I’m joining the company at an opportune time – a time of increasing momentum. Today, the company serves more than half of the Fortune 500 and all the leaders in the 2017 Gartner Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant. And we’re just scratching the surface of the growth opportunities ahead.

Comprehensive portfolio that matters to enterprises: Magnitude is also well positioned for the future as the only company with a comprehensive portfolio to deliver corporate performance insights in the three areas that matter most to enterprises and their information supply chain: data collection, data management and data analysis. And with connectivity being a common thread, Simba and the Connectivity business are critical components of Magnitude’s strategic vision.

A real opportunity to drive innovation and solve the biggest data pain points: Now more than ever, enterprises need trusted technology partners to help them access, analyze and act on the right data in order to make critical business decisions, innovate, and enhance how they manage corporate performance. I look forward to more collaboration with the Magnitude team to drive new innovations and build long-term success for our customers and partners.

It still feels like we’re early in the data evolution and I can’t think of a better place to be. In the coming weeks, I’ll share more on upcoming milestones and my perspectives on the marketplace.