31315 Garros Chan Escape blog post pictureBeing part of Simba gives you chances to explore not only the realm of any data, anywhere, any time, but also to engage yourself in the most up-to-date events happening around the world.

Just recently, we took a break from engineering our world of data, and transformed ourselves into the next Sherlock Holmes-like detectives to solve puzzles and escape from locked rooms in Vancouver.

Wait, what? Locked rooms? Yes, but there’s no need to panic! What we were really doing was playing a reality game where we were “trapped” in a room full of interesting but challenging puzzles and locks. Our problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills were put to the test as we tried our best to solve the puzzles, open the locks, and escape the rooms within 45 minutes!

The rooms were set up in many different themes ranging from a haunted school to a treasure island to a dream world. In the end, two teams managed to escape and declared victory! Sounds pretty fun, right? As always, Team Simba had a blast!