I love the database world. Just when people thought database technology was not interesting, there has been a host of innovation with in-memory, column stores, cloud, etc. The innovation in this space can only end up helping the end users. In the short term, there will be a fair amount of angst. What we are seeing is that people are not throwing out their Teradata, Oracle, and SQL Server systems. Rather, they are adding new Hadoop, Cassandra, and Google systems in addition to their existing systems. I love Teradata’s new UDA – Unified Data Architecture. Where Teradata used to push for a single EDW – Enterprise Data Warehouse, they are now saying that Teradata and Hadoop can co-exist in peace.  For those of us who have been in this space for a long time, this cooperation is wonderful to see.  I was reading a blog post earlier today which I also want to point out.  Steve Miller at Information Management blogs about “Big Data vs. the Data Warehouse“.  Steve talks about how Bill Inmon is venting about an ad from Cloudera.  This is interesting because you are now getting the heavyweights of data warehousing commenting on the new technology and all of the noise being generated by the new companies in this space.  If you follow this space, you will know that SAP was pushing in-memory with their HANA platform and were initially pooh-poohed by Oracle.  Now, Oracle is adding in-memory technology to their venerable database.  There is of course commercial reality and many companies will fight hard over this multi-billion dollar market.  The end result is that this will be great for users of databases as they will eventually get better technology at lower prices.  This is also great for developers in this space as new ideas will spawn yet further new ideas.  Did I tell you how much I love the database world?