The team at Simba has been very busy working on our MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP.  We had a great Beta program in the spring/summer.  We are on target for a release very soon.  One of the things we were waiting for was Oracle 11g Release 2.  This is now officially out and we are testing our MDX Provider with 11gR2.  The performance of the OLAP cubes in many cases has improved significantly and that is great news.  The first version of our MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP will support an ODBO interface and will allow you to connect from Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.  We will have a session at Oracle OpenWorld on October 12th at 5:30pm where we will demo this solution.  This is not a spreadsheet add-in like what Oracle had in 10g.  Rather, our solution is an MDX Provider so technically any MDX compliant analysis tool will be able to connect to Oracle OLAP.  Version 1 of the MDX Provider is being extensively tested with Excel as there is no spreadsheet add-in for 11g OLAP and many of our Beta customers were quite keen to connect Excel to 11g OLAP.