We have been getting very good responses to our Beta for the MDX query language provider for Oracle 11g OLAP and have decided to extend the Beta till the end of May.  Anyone who joins the Beta gets a copy of this ODBO provider that is usable until the end of this year.  You can sign up here: http://www.simba.com/evaluate-MDX-Provider-for-Oracle-OLAP.htm.

Things have been going well with the development of the ODBO provider.  We have been working closely with the Oracle OLAP team and getting good feedback from them as well.  They have been helping us make sure we have a really solid, well-tested product.

One interesting thing we found from some of the Beta customers is that they thought this was an Excel only solution.  Yes, we are focusing all the efforts for v1 on Excel, but this is planned to be a full blown MDX provider for Oracle OLAP.  Therefore, you will get the entire MDX query language and this interface will be similar to what you have with Microsoft Analysis Services or SAP Business Warehouse.  Although v1 will be ODBO only, we are planning to support XMLA in future versions.  The priorities for what we support and when will be customer driven.  One question I have is after Excel, which MDX application do you think we should test with and support next:

1. SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports

2. SAP Business Objects Voyager

3. MicroStrategy 9

4. Microsoft Reporting Services

5. Microsoft SharePoint BI

6. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 8

7. Panorama NovaView

or something else?