We continue to make good progress on the MDX provider for Oracle OLAP.  The expected beta of April is on track and we are putting together a list of people/companies that will participate.

A few people have asked me for slides from our December presentation at the Oracle BIWA conference and the slides can be found here: http://www.simba.com/docs/Oracle-OLAP-MDX-Driver.pdf.

I have also had questions about whether other OLAP clients such as SAP / Business Objects Voyager will be able to use the MDX provider for Oracle OLAP to connect.  The answer is *yes*.  While our initial focus is on getting good connectivity with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, it should be noted this is a fully functional MDX provider that will support the MDX 2005 query language as well as both OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and XML for Analysis (XMLA).  Therefore, any ODBO or XMLA client that works with SAP BW or Microsoft Analysis Services should also be able to connect to Oracle cubes using the MDX provider for Oracle OLAP.   If you are using Voyager or any other MDX client application and want to connect to Oracle OLAP, we would love to work with you.