Wow!  Just one day after the anniversary of D-Day, Microsoft announces ODBC 4.0.  This is truly a momentous day.  ODBC has been around for 25 years and has become the de-facto most common and most successful data connectivity standard in the world.  ODBC 4.0 builds on the success ODBC has had for the last two and a half decades.  Anyone who builds any kind of data source needs to support ODBC so that every major BI tool like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, and Spotfire can connect to it.  ODBC 4.0 extends the ODBC specification for new database features.

Simba has been a leader in the ODBC space (having co-developed the original ODBC specification with Microsoft) and we have continued to lead this space by being “The On Ramp to Big Data”. Simba has built ODBC drivers for BigQuery, Drill, Cassandra, Couchbase, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, HBase, Hive, Impala, MongoDB, Phoenix, Presto, RedShift, and SparkSQL.  In fact, every major Big Data vendor including Amazon, Cloudera, Databricks, Datastax, Hortonworks, MapR, Microsoft, SAP, Tableau, and Teradata ships Simba ODBC drivers as part of their products.

Microsoft is positioning ODBC 4 as a connectivity interface for modern data sources.  At Simba, we could not agree more.  We at Simba realized early on that the connectivity ecosystem build around the ODBC standard was something very powerful and that is why we took the initiative as the first company to build out a suite of ODBC connectors for every major Cloud and Big Data source.  We continue to invest heavily in this space and have more developers building ODBC and JDBC drivers than any other company in the world.  As the supplier of the ODBC and JDBC drivers for the major Cloud and Big Data sources, Simba also gets early access to the roadmaps of the data sources so our drivers can be the first to expose their unique features.  Simba’s developers have been contributing our ideas and experience to ODBC 4 and look forward to supporting this standard in all of our ODBC drivers.