I note that Window’s transition from 32-bit to 64-bit has been an on-going saga for the last few years. The 64-bit variant of Windows XP was a big step forward. Another major milestone was just recently crossed when Microsoft released the first 64-bit variant of Microsoft Office as part of the Office 2010 launch in May.


For those who were around when Windows last made a machine-word-size transition–from 16 to 32-bit–things will be a deja vu of sorts.

I’ve noticed that this time around, everyone seems to be jumping onboard the biggest, baddest Excel (64-bit 2010) with a lot more enthuasism than I recall the last time around.

One impediment lurking in the background that many people may be caught off-guard by is the availability of the appropriate 64-bit database drivers/providers. Simba’s been working hard to catch up here.

So what are people’s experience with 64-bit Excel so far? How has your transition to 64-bit been? What sorts of difficulities have you ran into when you made the leap to 64-bit?