I attended MongoDB Seattle last week mainly to get an insight into the MongoDB market and ecosystem. I’ve heard many good things from from developers about MongoDB and 10gen and wanted to see these firsthand.

MongoDB Seattle was a short event–a one day conference with 4 tracks each with at most 8 sessions . An extra day was available for a half-day tutorial. I attended the half-day tutorial on schema design. It was part review of things I’ve read. Hands-on time and discussions with other students were helpful in firming up the concepts. The instructor–Kevin Hanson–has posted a similar session here.

The Friday conference was a good mix of case studies and technology presentations. Some session were recorded but I have yet to find the recordings. Nonetheless, here’s my playlist for what I found valuable from the conference.

  1. How InfoTech Migrated to MongoDB. InfoTech used MongoDB to manage large PDF documents that previously lived between MySQL and the filesystem.
  2. Automated Slow Query Analysis: Dex the Index Robot
  3. MongoDB on Amazon EC2: Miles’ presentation was great in explaining how to use MongoDB effectively on EC2. His prior paper on the subject is being revised as we speak.
  4. The New Aggregation Framework (link is to the session as presented at Orlando)
  5. Advanced Shell Tips & Tricks: Asya had a very approachable talk explaining and introducing the shell’s capabilities. Very helpful for a newbie like me.
  6. MongoDB at Gilt Groups. Sean’s session was a great perspective from a developer on the why and what to use of MongoDB. I found his slide online yesterday but lost the link… I will post that when I find it again. In brief, MongoDB is used to augment a Postgres app that powers their e-commerce site.