Further thoughs from Oracle OpenWorld last week…

I went to a talk by Andy Mendelsohn who is a Senior Vice President who runs database development.  A couple of interesting things mentioned by Andy were:

1. Adoption of Oracle 11g is slow.  About 25% of Oracle’s customers use 9i, about 70% use 10g, and only about 5% use 11g.  This slow uptake seems standard with a more mature product.  Look how long it takes Microsoft to move customers to a new version of Windows or Office.  There are some features about 11g that would be worth an upgrade – specifically if you want to take advantage of the Oracle Database Machine or if you wanted to use some of the enhanced OLAP capability in 11g.

2. You can now use the Oracle database in the cloud.  Oracle supports Amazon’s EC2 and has pre-created VM images available.  This sounds interesting because if you want to try out 11g or even use it for short term projects, the whole installation and configuration issues are now shelved, not to mention licensing.  I am curious if you could connect an app on your database to an Oracle database in the cloud.  This would be a very powerful feature.  I expect such an ODBC driver already exists.