I was only briefly at SAP TechEd/Sybase TechWave this week.

The biggest thing for me was showing a demo of an MDX Provider for Sybase IQ.  We have worked jointly with Sybase to build this Proof of Concept and we got some good interest from Sybase partners and customers.  If you are interested in getting more information, please follow up with me or Andrew Neugebauer at Sybase.

Of course, the biggest thing at TechEd again was SAP HANA.  Vishal Sikka, SAP’s CTO had a keynote where he unveiled two new applications for HANA – SAP Smart Meter Analytics and SAP COPA Accelerator.  You can read more here.  SAP HANA is very interesting because it “delivers single database with native support for row and columnar data stores; a data calculation engine; SQL and MDX interfaces and a unified information modeling design environment.”