I was talking to one of our customers recently that has a solution that lives in the Cloud.  It is a very powerful solution and they have been gaining a lot of traction.  One issue the end users have is they want to be able to analyze their data in certain ways.  Our customer was constantly working to build various reports for their end users.  Then our customer found that their end users would take the data from these custom reports and load it into Excel.  Epiphany.  They realized if they had a simple link to Excel, they would no longer have to build all these custom reports and their end users would be free to do whatever they needed.  That was when our customer approached Simba to see how we could help.  They had a very well documented web services interface to their Cloud solution.  One of our developers took 3 days to quickly build a custom ODBC driver that allowed Excel to pull data directly from the Cloud solution.  Our customer was amazed.  If they had realized they just needed an ODBC driver for their product, it would have literally saved thousands of person hours building the custom reports and endless end user frustration.  As much as solutions are moving to the Cloud, people still like their desktop tools like Excel and all they want is the ability to quickly analyze their data in Excel.  A custom ODBC or JDBC driver enables you to pull any data into Excel or Crystal Reports or any tool of your choice.