The recent announcements by Microsoft about Big Data are very good news for those of us who work in the OLAP and BI space.  Basically, it looks like Microsoft is going to allow you to do OLAP and BI from Analysis Services on top of Hadoop and Hive.  A very glod blog post by Andrew Burst is worth a read.  “Microsoft will also make available an ODBC driver for Hive, the data warehousing front-end for Hadoop developed by FaceBook. What’s the big deal about an ODBC driver?  The combination of that driver and Hive will allow PowerPivot and SQL Server Analysis Services (in its new “Tabular mode”) to connect to Hadoop and query it freely.  And that, in turn, will allow any Analysis Services front end, including PowerView (until last week known by its “Crescent” code name), to perform enterprise-quality analysis and data visualization on Hadoop data.  Not only is that useful, it’s even a bit radical.”  You can read the full post here: Putting the ‘BI’ in Big Data