At Simba, we have a SDK to build a custom ODBC driver.  We have been working with Microsoft HealthVault and decided to use our ODBC SDK to build a custom ODBC driver for Microsoft HealthVault using their webservice API.  For those of you who are not familiar with Microsoft HealthVault, it is a secure online storage for all of your healthcare data.  You can get more information here:  This is a very cool concept to be able to store all of your healthcare information in the Cloud and have access to it from wherever you are.  You have total control and privacy and only people you authorize can view your data.

HealthVault has a nice webservice API for developers and it was pretty easy to take our ODBC SDK and build an ODBC driver for HealthVault – it took us around two weeks to build this driver.  We found there were a lot of very good use cases for the HealthVault ODBC driver. For example, consider a diabetic person.  This person can buy a blood glucose meter from various companies that will allow them to connect to HealthVault and upload their daily blood glucose levels Then, this person can use the HealthVault ODBC driver to pull this information into Excel and chart the data so they can easily see how they are doing. Another example is an athlete who wants to track their heart rate and how much they are running. Again, there are devices that will track this information and allow easy uploads to HealthVault from where they can use the ODBC driver to pull data to Excel and easily track their progress.

Simba is supporting Microsoft HealthVault by allowing free usage of our HealthVault ODBC driver for personal use.  You can get more information or download the ODBC driver here:

Since our ODBC SDK allows any software developer to easily build a custom ODBC and/or JDBC driver for any data source including ISAM, XML, object oriented, SCADA, or cloud data source, it was very easy for us to build the HealthVault ODBC driver.  If you can think of other things we could build an ODBC driver for, we would love to hear from you. (Especially, if you think it cannot be done)