It’s interesting that it is SQL Azure that is pushing Microsoft to invest more in their ODBC driver and deprecate their OLE DB provider.  We are seeing the same thing in the ODBC SDK business.  We continue to partner with companies who have a Cloud-based or hosted solution and while these are great solutions, their customers still want to connect products like Microsoft Excel to these cloud data sources.  There are really two solutions to do this.  The first is to export the data from the cloud to some sort of delimited text file and then import this text file into Excel.  This is a very cumbersome solution.  The second is to build an ODBC driver that will talk to the web services interface of the cloud data source and allow Excel to connect directly and dynamically.  More and more of the cloud vendors are seeing the power of such an ODBC for cloud or ODBC for web services solution.  We just recently had a customer in Europe that build an ODBC driver using the C# programming language in a week using our SimbaEngine ODBC SDK.  When they showed the solution to their management, they were amazed at how easy it was to build and yet how functional the solution was.