I read the article entitled “ODBC Rocks” on the CoDe Magazine website and I wanted to comment on it. The full article is at “http://www.code-magazine.com/article.aspx?quickid=990712172&page=1”. This is a very good article written by Chris Lee who is a Program Manager at Microsoft. Chris made some very good points:

  1. "Fifteen years after its launch, ODBC is a firmly entrenched cornerstone of the software industry.”
  2. "For the data source owner, ODBC is a must.”
  3. "At the time of its release, the SQL Server team at Microsoft believed OLE DB would supersede ODBC. This is no longer the case and ODBC’s future is completely secure.”

If you read my blog post of September 24th, “http://blogs.simba.com/simba_technologies_ceo_co/odbc/index.html”, I discussed why an ISV would want to build an ODBC Driver. Chris says that “for the data source owner ODBC, is a must,” and I could not agree more. If you build an ODBC driver for whatever data source you have, the data source is now open to the widest set of applications possible. This is the biggest win for any data source owner.  The more applications that your data source is exposed to, the more valuable your data source.  The business case for an ODBC driver is irrefutable.