I will be at the Teradata Partners User Conference next week in San Diego and wanted to point out a couple of session that are worth attending if you are interested in OLAP analysis on your Teradata data.

The first session is: Seamless Access from Excel PivotTables to Teradata by Sam Tawfik.  The abstract for Sam’s session is:

“Teradata OLAP Connector makes it easy for Excel PivotTables to access Teradata. This tool makes it easy for Excel users to navigate the dimensional data stored in Teradata without having to extract subsets of the data.

Extracting data for analysis creates security challenges, inconsistent view of the data, and delay in access to current business data.

This session also includes an Excel to Teradata demo.”

The second session is: Introduction to Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer by Shannon Terry who is Director of Customer Analytics at Nationwide.  The abstract for Shannon’s session is:

“This presentation will show the practical application of the Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer (TBIO) suite of tools in addressing a common problem in organizations: spreadsheet proliferation. Spreadsheets are powerful tools, but they can become dangerous when data is taken out of the data warehouse and improperly handled or manipulated. The TBIO tool suite allows you to embrace the reality of spreadsheet-based BI in your organization while creating a safe and structured environment in which spreadsheet users can leverage value in your warehouse.”

Sam’s session looks to be a presentation about Teradata OLAP and how you can connect from Excel.  Shannon’s presentation is a customer presentation on how they are using Teradata OLAP with Excel.

Also, if you are at Partner, make sure you visit the arcplan booth on the exhibit floor.  The folks from arcplan will be demonstrating how their product allows you to do analysis on your Teradata OLAP data.  Lots to see.