Buying an off-the-shelf data connector is often the most cost-efficient and effective approach for robust data connectivity. However, due to complexity or other reasons, there are applications and data sources for which custom drivers are the best solution.  In these instances, the decision for many software providers is to partner with a third-party provider or build the custom driver in-house.

When in-house development makes the most sense, your developers can jumpstart and streamline the process with a proven software development kit (SDK). It’s not necessary to start from scratch, get up to speed on unfamiliar APIs, and hope for the best. To develop your own custom data connectors, Simba makes the SimbaEngine SDK—the same set of components and tools our team uses to build drivers internally every day — empowering you to build custom ODBC and JDBC drivers in as few as five days.

In this white paper, we address how to leverage SimbaEngine SDK to accelerate time to market by increasing your team’s efficiency, for faster and more cost-effective results.

Key topics:

  • How to super-charge developer productivity, enhance product quality and streamline long-term maintenance
  • Adapting a flexible SDK Architecture to application needs
  • Developing data connectors across operating platforms and programming languages
  • Building custom drivers for SaaS data sources
  • Modeling success on real-world results

The right approach to data source and application connectivity is a fundamental business decision. For custom development, the right SDK will improve immediate and long-term results throughout the data connector lifecycle, from initial development to ongoing maintenance.

Download our white paper for more insights.

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