This week at Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison announced the Oracle 12c In-Memory Column Store Option.  Basically, Oracle 12c database will now allow you to store data in a sort of row/column hybrid that allows you to do OLTP and OLAP faster.  According to Larry, it allows you to do OLTP faster since you don’t need as many indexes so writing to the database is faster.  It allows you to do OLAP analytics faster since you have an in-memory column store which allows you to only operate on the columns you need and have everything in-memory.

Sounds quite interesting.  This is supposed to come out soon in the next database patch set.  Normally you would have expected something big like this to come in 12c R2, but it seems that there is a lot of competitive pressure from SAP HANA and Teradata which already have this capability and so Oracle is rushing to get this out ASAP.  Also, since this is called an “Option”, I expect there will be an extra charge for this capability.  As far as I know, SAP HANA and Teradata include this as standard capability so will be interesting to see how much extra Oracle will charge for this.