We have had a number of customers try out our MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP on the Exadata Database machine and they have said the performance is incredible.  I talked a little about Exadata previously http://blogs.simba.com/simba_technologies_ceo_co/2009/12/oracle-exadata.html.  Last week, I was at the Oracle Collaborate Conference and I took the opportunity to attend a session on the Exadata Database Machine by Oracle SVP Juan Loaiza.  This was a very good session where Loaiza talked about version 2 of this product and its use in data warehousing and OLTP.  A few interesting points from the talk:

1. Loaiza quoted Oracle President, Charles Phillips saying "Exadata is the fastest growing product in Oracle's history" and "The Exadata pipeline is approaching $400 million with Q4 bookings forecast at nearly $100 million."  This is very impressive.  Oracle is a huge organization but even these numbers should start to register on the dial.

2. Loaiza identified 20 Database Machine customers including Coke, RIM, and Thomson Reuters.  Impressive names.

3. Loaiza also talked about Hybrid Columnar Compression.  The "data is grouped by column and the compressed" with two different compression modes – Query Mode and Archival Mode.  Query Mode is for data warehousing with typical compression ratios of 10x.  Archival Mode is for infrequently accessed data with typical compression ratios of 15x and up to 50x for some data.  This compression combined with all the Flash storage and the in storage data intensive processing definitely make this database perform.