On February 5 we delivered our most popular webinar series to date: Store once, read anywhere – using Oracle OLAP data in multiple BI clients. The videos are now available here:

One of the highlights of the webinar series is when Ed Seibold at Rovi Corporation talks about his experience with Simba’s MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP product and how it has changed the way Rovi works in BI. Launch the Excel video and scroll to about 12:30 to view his segment of the broadcast. Also, Deepa Sankar from SAP joined us to talk about SAP’s investment in vendor agnostic, platform-independent BI solution. Launch the SAP video and scroll to about 14:30 to view Deepa’s segment.

I have to thank Dan Vlamis and the team at Vlamis Software Solutions for helping us deliver such great content.