I was reading a very interesting opinion on sandhill.com by Steven Janisse entitled "Oracle's Mergers and Acquisitions: Who Will Be Next?"  Janisse has a very nice history of the companies that Oracle has acquired since acquiring PeopleSoft in 2004/2005.  He has a very nice graphic that shows the companies acquired and the amount paid by Oracle.  The graphic has a circle for every acquisition with the size of the circle denoting the amount paid.  Janisse then goes on to list potential future acquisitions by Oracle.  Given recent remarks by Oracle President Charles Phillips about Oracle wanting to do more aquisitions, the opinion by Steven Janisse is worth a read.  Janisse mentions companies such as Teradata, Informatica, TIBCO, etc. as potential Oracle targets.  You can read more at: http://sandhill.com/opinion/daily_blog.php?id=31&post=684.