I wrote a while back about Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets.  Well, I have seen it and it is true.  Panorama has been able to embed a portion of their NovaView application within Google Spreadsheets to have Pivot Table like functionality.  What they do is interesting because they source the data from the Google Spreadsheet and seem to build a cube out of it on the fly.  The data in the Google Spreadsheet needs to be in a particular format so right now things are very simplified.

I spoke to Oudi Antebi at Panorama and he said their plan is to eventually source data from Microsoft Analysis Services, SAP BW, and anything else that supports the MDX Query Language from a server point of view.  Nonetheless, a Pivot Table on Google Spreadsheet data is very interesting and powerful.  You can easily load data from whatever your data source into the Google Spreadsheet.  Panorama’s interface to build the cube is quite straightforward.  The tool is quite slick.  The concept is very powerful.  Pivot Tables and BI are something that Microsoft is focusing on for future versions of Excel and the fact that Panorama is able to quickly adapt their NovaView product to help Google get ahead of Microsoft has the potential to be a real game changer.

Nigel Pendse at the OLAP Report wrote a commentary on Panorama and Google which is also worth a quick read… http://www.panorama.com/newsletter/2008/apr/olap-report-commentary.html.