Like an old wine, PostgreSQL has gotten better with age. Over the past years it has only been getting more popular. The AWS Redshift – managed cloud data warehouse, Timescale – a time series DB, Greenplum DB -which is massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform; all inherit from the solid reliability of PostgreSQL.

For seamless BI connectivity & real time analytics the Simba PostgreSQL ODBC Driver delivers high performance that works on all major platforms. The Simba PostgreSQL ODBC Driver provides different query processing modes that you can configure to modify how the driver runs queries and retrieves results into memory.  Simba partners with Amazon to build the Redshift ODBC & JDBC drivers.

We did an ODBC API level performance benchmark of the Simba ODBC driver comparing it with the PostgreSQL ODBC open source driver.  The analysis was done on PostgreSQL 11 DB:

  • For 100K records, the Simba driver performed 39% faster on average over a series of select * queries.
  • With 1 million records, Simba ODBC driver was around 44% faster.

Below is a percentage chart for the 100K scenario.

PostgreSQL ODBC Driver improved performance

The time consumed by SQLPrepare calls average around 0.01+ seconds, much lesser than the time consumed by SQLExecute. So, although the SQLPrepare appears slower on the percentage chart, SQLExecute which consumed the bulk of the time helped improve the overall average query response time.

The Simba Engineering team also did performance benchmarking between the previous & the latest versions of the Simba driver.  In the newer version, improvements were made mainly to SQLFetch & SQLDriverConnect. The average response time was around 20% to 35% faster, version over version for record sets between 100K to 6M rows.

This comparison was done using a standalone ODBC driver to achieve a ‘like for like’ comparison.  Simba drivers also supports a Client server model , where the ODBC client communicates to the server residing close to the PostgreSQL DB. The client server model supports better compression and higher speeds using a fully compatible protocol.

With respect to features; the Simba ODBC driver delivers binaries for all major platforms including Windows, Mac & all major Linux distros. To name a few features supported by the Simba driver: Unicode support, Configurable SSL, support Proxy connections for additional security and Kerberos authentication.

Now it's your turn !