When reading all the predictions for 2014, it is interesting to see how ODBC and JDBC drivers are positioned as “The On Ramp to Big Data”.

Alex Woodie at Datanami “Dishes on Big Data Predictions for 2014”.  Number 1 on his list is “The End of Data Scientists”.  Alex states that “Tableau Software is predicting that 2014 will mark the beginning of the end of the data scientist (the “sexiest job of the year” for 2013), and the movement of data science away from IT specialists”.   Alex opines “There simply aren’t enough data scientists to go around. It may seem odd to find joy in forecasting the end of data scientists, who are the best qualified people to make data analytics a reality at any given organization. But for the industry to take the next step and to evolve toward something more mainstream and less esoteric, the level of difficulty absolutely has to be driven out of the technology. Saying ‘end the data scientists’ is just another way of saying ‘end the complexity.'”

This is worth looking at in a bit more detail.  A major requirement for data scientists is getting access to the data across the enterprise and pulling it together so it can be analyzed.  This task of accessing the data has been very challenging.  Over the last three years, we at Simba have been working very hard on this problem with respect to Big Data sources.  Simba initially partnered with MapR to build the first enterprise strength ODBC drivers for Hadoop Hive.  After proving Simba’s ODBC driver was the best solution for Hive, every major Hadoop distribution including Cloudera, HortonWorks, Intel, and Microsoft followed on and started including the Simba ODBC drivers in their distros.

Simba, did not stop there.  We also built ODBC drivers for Cassandra, MongoDB, Impala, Drill, Google BigQuery, and Facebook Presto.  Simba positioned itself as “The On Ramp to Big Data”.  Today, Simba’s ODBC drivers are used by pretty much every major Big Data player to end the complexity of accessing data.  Now, Simba also has JDBC drivers for most of these data sources.  Again, Simba is proving we are the leaders by partnering with MapR to bring these JDBC drivers out for everyone to use.  ODBC and JDBC are truly The On Ramp to Big Data.