Reporting with live data is incredibly valuable for enterprises. It gives business users access to the most current data, more accurately reflecting the business, and it enables better decision making. Is your business reporting with live data?

If the answer runs from “no” to “sort of” or “we’d really like to”, know that you are not alone. The ability to deliver live reporting is challenging for most organizations. Consider the following scenario and use case, typical of marketing departments especially in the B2B world.

Marketing: Keeping up with reporting demands

Many marketers spend countless hours every month putting together reports to prove the effectiveness of spend (Return on Marketing Investment, or ROMI) to key stakeholders. They have to demonstrate whether campaigns are fulfilling goals, generating sales-ready leads, and bringing in – or at least influencing – revenue.

Beyond tracking results, marketers need to benchmark how things are working. They need access to timely data to address fundamental questions, such as: Which channels are working and which are not? What personas or customer types are responding and converting more readily? What needs to be tweaked and improved? Where should we focus our efforts and our budgets? Is there anything we should STOP doing?

Get this: The CMO Survey uncovered that only 30% of B2B marketers use data to inform decision-making. Any marketer that has attempted to analyze thousands of rows of marketing data within an Excel® spreadsheet can attest that it’s incredibly tedious and time consuming, let alone rife with risk for human error.

The reality for many is that data volumes have accelerated much more quickly than our tools and abilities to analyze that data. But without reliable data, marketers end up flying blind when it comes to ongoing reporting that’s deemed essential for effective marketing operations and workflows.

With the plethora of marketing channels and platforms, pulling all the necessary data together for live analytics to tell a complete story can be cumbersome, as it requires stitching together data that resides across multiple systems such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo and social media platforms, to name just a few.

Simplifying access to live data for marketers

Most marketing departments are dealing with multiple disparate systems that don’t necessarily work together. These could include CRM, analytics platform, marketing automation, and social listening tools. The holy grail is to find a solution that can integrate all this data across applications, platforms and systems to create a complete view of a customer or prospect, connecting activity throughout the buying journey and enabling marketers to reach them with the most relevant messages. This is what’s needed to turn raw data into powerful insights.

To achieve this, three fundamental challenges with live reporting need to be addressed:

  • First, getting access to data can be difficult. Often times, manual processes such as CSV extracts are seen as the best available solution.
  • Second, painful (and typically slow) manual processes are rife with risks that lead to error-prone data.
  • Third, getting to data (live or otherwise) often requires relying on IT, who has other priorities. When was the last time you received or accessed the data you need for immediate consumption and decision making?

And while some BI tools offer connectors that give extracts of the data, often times that still results in reporting from stale data.

That’s where our Simba Connectivity solutions come in. We are bridging the gap to give businesses a simple solution to accessing live data.

Simba, a Magnitude company, provides a complete portfolio of standards-based connectors for today’s most common analytics and BI applications and more. It’s easy to access the data you need, when you need it. No more exporting, no more outdated data –just easy access to the right data, in real-time, regardless of where it resides

A prime example is our suite of high-performance social media ODBC & JDBC drivers. The drivers allow organizations to connect live data to their BI, analytics and reporting tools of choice for YouTube Analytics, Facebook, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn. The drivers connect social media data in powerful new ways by empowering users to easily access live data through Google Cloud, Tableau, Qlik, Excel, Power BI or any analytics application, to simplify BI, analytics and reporting.

Ready to simplify access to live data for seamless, real-time insights to business users? Let’s have a conversation!

For a deeper dive into the benefits of connected data for marketers, download our latest eBook: Better Together: The Power of Connected Data