I attended Dreamforce this year and was amazed at the size and scope of the Salesforce ecosystem.  At the AppExchange keynote, they mentioned that one of the top 10 things Salesforce customers were looking for was better and more advanced BI.  We have a number of customers who are analyzing their Salesforce data using advanced BI products like Tableau and Lumira.  The way this is done is to use the Salesforce ODBC driver to connect these tools directly to Salesforce.com and immediately access and visualize all the data in Salesforce.  Salesforce has a query language called SOQL and a web services API to connect to it.  The challenge of course is that most BI tools are focused on the SQL query language and the ODBC API.  The Salesforce ODBC driver is a simple bridge that allows any advanced BI tool to connect directly to all data in Salesforce.  Even standard tools like Excel are enabled to connect to Saleforce using the ODBC driver.  The Salesforce ODBC driver is available on Windows and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  It will also soon be available on the Mac.  You can download a free evaluation version or purchase a license by going to the following web page: http://www.simba.com/connectors/salesforce-odbc.