Soon, Salesforce will be changing the versions of SSL/TLS connections which will be supported.  Connections at or below TLS 1.0 will not be supported.  For details on the Salesforce upgrade, including roll-out timeline and much more information, please see their Knowledge Article 000221207.

To make sure that your Simba Salesforce Adapter will continue to connect to Salesforce, there are upgrades to your Data Services installation you will need to make.  The JVM that ships with Data Services does not support the required version of TLS, so this must be upgraded.

For instructions on upgrading the JVM in your DS installation, please see the SAP Knowledge Base Article 2275588.  You can access it through

The minimum required version of SAP DS to support this process is SAP DS 4.2 Service Pack 5 Patch Level 3.

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