Last week at the SAP Sapphire conference, I was able to get some more insight into what SAP is doing around Big Data. They have been closely working with Intel to integrate Intel’s Hadoop distribution with SAP HANA. If you are an SAP enterprise customer – and there are a lot of SAP enterprise customers – this could be a very powerful Big Data story going forward.

Basically, what SAP is doing is allowing you to use HANA as the hub for all your data. You can then use SAP Data Services to ETL your Hadoop data into HANA. Even more powerful, is the fact you can leave your data in Hadoop and use HANA to front it all and so have the full power of the SAP BI Suite against all your data whether it is in HANA or in Hadoop. Since HANA fronts all the data, the SAP BI Suite only needs to integrate with HANA. When HANA gets a query for data that exists in your Hadoop cluster, it will directly issue a query to Intel’s Hive ODBC driver which will then push the query into the Hadoop cluster.  All this is done from the SAP HANA Studio.  This looks similar to what Microsoft does with Polybase but seems more geared towards the enterprise.

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