I was at Sapphire last week and I have to say I was totally blown away by the presentation by Vishal about HANA.  Vishal’s presentation was on the last day of Sapphire and he did a great presentation about how SAP HANA is the future of enterprise computing.  One thing the SAP marketing folks did really well is have testimonial after testimonial from SAP customers and partners.  Testimonials came from:

1. Colgate – one query went from 77 minutes down to 13 seconds with HANA

2. Bosch – 1.5 petabytes of data about customers and product information

3. Caterpillar

4. Surgutneftegas – move data directly from ERP into the HANA system – lowers the load on the operational system

5. Nestle – centralized ERP system runs their worldwide operations


7. Nomura – taxi cab route optimization

8. Canoe Ventures

9. Infosys

10. Lenovo

11. Cisco – using HANA with non-SAP application data sources

12. Daimler – using BPC

13. T-Mobile – uses Strategic Workforce Planning on HANA – 66 million calculations in about a second

14. P&G – “HANA changing the game at P&G”

The customer testimonials were amazing.  There were so many testimonials that it got boring.  What was brilliant about this was that it made everyone who wasn’t using HANA wonder why they weren’t using it.  The SAP marketing machine was brilliant!

Vishal also spoke about SAP NetWeaver Gateway which is designed to simplify consumption of legacy systems – seems like the next generation of SOA.  It was nice to see that Adobe Flex can consume Gateway and you also have connectivity to Microsoft cloud offerings.  I am interested to also see the SAP HANA AppCloud.

It was also interesting that Vishal spoke before SAP found Dr. Hasso Plattner.  Vishal went overtime and so when Hasso went up, people had already left the keynote.  Hasso’s presentation was also very good.  He had a bunch of questions that he was answering.  One interesting question was “Why is SAP investing in HANA?”  The answer of course was to solve the big data problem.  This of course competes with Oracle Exadata, Teradata/Aster Data, HP/Vertica, Kognitio, etc.

Another interesting thing from Hasso’s presentation was HANA running on a Mac Mini.  I expect we will see some sort of smaller version of HANA based on this.  Could SAP use this “light” version of HANA to compete with things like Microsoft PowerPivot (which of course is a client version of Microsoft Analysis Services) or QlikView?  Definitely something to watch.