The first official day of Sapphire was very busy.  They main keynotes were Patrick Lencioni and Tom Brokaw.  I have to admit that other than the keynotes, I only attended 1 session (lots of networking and not enough time in the day).

The session that I attended was by Doug Merritt and Marge Breya.  Doug owns what is now called POA – performance optimization applications and Marge owns the IDD (Information Discovery and Delivery) piece from BOBJ.  This was a good session to attend after attending the session by Dan Kearnan et al yesterday.  Doug and Marge gave an overview of the general direction of the combined SAP and BOBJ in the BI space.  They have this new application called Polestar.  Very interesting UI and they demo Polestar sitting on top of BIA.  Quite slick.  I want to go find this on the show floor and actually play with it myself.  Will write more when I get the chance.

I also want to mention the keynote by Patrick Lencioni.  I have read his first two books (they were very good) and then didn’t read any of his other material.  The session today reminded me that I should read his newer material.  Patrick spoke about "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team".  Patrick is a really good speaker and I quite enjoyed his talk.  If you get a chance to see him speak, do it.  After the keynote, I purchased the book and got it autographed.  I spent a few minutes talking to Patrick.  Very interesting person.  A summary of the five dysfunctions are:

1. Absence of Trust

2. Fear of Conflict

3. Lack of Commitment

4. Avoidance of Accountability

5. Inattention to Results

I especially like #2.  You can’t just accept a non-committal yes.  You really need to get people to discuss and debate the issue so that you get their real input.  Now that I have the book, I have some good reading material for the flight back home on Wednesday.