After becoming a SAS Partner, Simba Technologies was pleased to learn that SAS holds user groups in most major cities.  The SAS held user groups are meetings which facilitate learning and networking opportunities within the local community of SAS users.

Simba Technologies, a Magnitude Company based in Vancouver is a leading provider of connectivity solutions and data access.  By utilizing the out-of-the box solution called SAS/Access, Simba allows SAS Products to connect to various data sources in real-time.

The event on November 27th 2019 was the 1st user group Simba attended in Vancouver.  The event consisted of a welcome breakfast, multiple presentations by local as well as guest speakers, a networking break, and a raffle for door prizes.  Majority of the attendees had a medical field background.

In the first presentation Jeremy Hamm, from BC Cancer, outlined the challenges some may face when generating Graphs.  Specifically when it comes to customization, Jeremy mentioned that in some cases, analysts go as far as switching to RStudio in order to generate a custom graph.  Jeremy then proceeded to showcase how easily graphs could be customized using SAS and the Annotate Dataset.

Sylvain Tremblay from SAS Canada showed new features which make the Enterprise Guide 8 more attractive, flexible and smart.  Sylvain later jumped into some Tips and Tricks.  Tips and Tricks can also be found on the   SAS Blog.

Nate Derby’s presentation focused on ways to convey the message more effectively by using visualizations properly.  Specifically when publishing in a journal, the graphs can be highly detailed.  The challenges for journal graphs are the fact that the graphs are static; there is no opportunity to interact with the graph to expand or zoom into a data point.  Nate showed side by side examples of how a properly generated visual can help explain a story clearly.

It was a pleasure to be invited into the SAS user group; Simba looks forward to future events and more opportunities to connect with the local SAS community.