We have just wrapped up our second annual Simba Partner Summit in San Jose. The event brought together industry leaders from Business Intelligence, data storage, processing, and SaaS Line of Business applications. The audience included our partners from Aerospike, Alteryx, Amazon, AtScale, Couchbase, DataStax, Dremio, Hortonworks, Informatica, Magnitude Software, Microsoft, Nielsen, Qlik, Salesforce, SAP, Tableau Software, and Teradata.

Photo of Simba Partner Summit Speakers 2016
Amyn Rajan (Simba), Robert Green (Tableau Software), JC Raveneau (Alteryx), Miguel Llopis (Microsoft), Faisal Mohamood (Microsoft), Matt Masson (Microsoft), George Chow (Simba)

It was a great illustration how Simba connects both people and technologies. Simba Partner Events present an excellent opportunity to get to know, strengthen relationships and share ideas with product managers and business decision makers in a casual, friendly environment.

Simba CEO Amyn Rajan offered insight into the future of enterprise connectivity and the major trends within the industry. The key theme included the implications of growing data heterogeneity, resulting complexity of connectivity, data preparation, wrangling and analysis, and the growing role of SQL as the Lingua Franca of data processing.

Simba CTO, George Chow, continued the keynote by putting these issues into the historical context of an evolution of data processing and analytics over the last 30 years. George demonstrated how Simba, in partnership with industry visionaries, successfully solved the “M x N” problem of connectivity between the growing number of data sources and consumers at each step of this evolution through the innovation in data connectivity standards. The keynote was followed by an open discussion of Simba Technologies strategic roadmap for 2016 and context of priorities of our partners.

In the second half of the event, we had an opportunity to see the latest updates on products and roadmaps from Alteryx, Tableau Software and Microsoft Power BI teams. Demonstrations included the sneak peeks into the latest pre-release versions of the leading BI and Data Processing applications and how these innovative products help solve today’s business challenges with help from Simba connectivity. The discussions that started during presentations continued throughout reception and networking.

We are very thankful for all our partners who attended and contributed to the success of this event, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Now Is Your Turn!

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