One of our ODBC customers is doing some really cool stuff
with their SimbaEngine SDK-based solution for one of their customers.
They’ve allowed us to share it with you.  RainStor, our customer, asked us
to help them to improve the scalability of their ODBC solution.  The goal
was to increase the number of concurrent queries that the server is able to
handle by an order of magnitude without noticeable stability degradation.
The timing was crucial as they were about to commit to a very large customer
implementation.  Simba responded quickly by putting together a team of
expert engineers.  Within a few days, the two teams were able to
demonstrate initial success.  Soon after, not only did we achieve the
scalability goal, we exceeded it.


RainStor says that they can now support a level of concurrent
querying that goes well beyond the original remit of their integration testing,
and it is thanks to close collaboration between the RainStor and Simba teams
that the work was performed so quickly with great success.


RainStor!  Appreciate the share, and we look forward to continuing to work
closely with you.  Whatever you need, you can count on us to always be