Last week, I commented on the post about HP giving up on BI (  This week, I see “5 reasons HP should acquire SAP” (  We do live in interesting times and I think an HP/SAP merger could be quite interesting.  It is clear that if HP and SAP were to join forces and work well together, they would be a serious all-round competitor to Oracle.  What would this mean for IBM and Microsoft?  While IBM has a strong software business, their strength seems to be in the services market so I think they would continue on fine.  However, I think it would be a different story for Microsoft.  Microsoft has long been dominant on the desktop and definitely is playing more and more in the data center, but having HP acquire SAP, would seriously impact Microsoft’s attempts to gain further traction in the enterprise.  I previously commented on how a Microsoft/SAP tie-up would be more interesting than a Microsoft/Yahoo tie-up ( and I actually think that Microsoft should make a move on SAP before HP does.