In the “Big Data” space, Simba has always been the leader in data connectivity being the first to provide ODBC and JDBC drivers for the many new data sources.  All of the major Hadoop vendors including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR use the Simba ODBC and JDBC drivers in their distributions.  Databricks – the company behind Spark – also uses Simba’s ODBC driver for Spark SQL.  While others are playing catch up with ODBC drivers for MongoDB and Cassandra, Simba has always been the first to bring out commercial grade ODBC drivers for new data sources.

Simba gets a lot of interest in our SimbaEngine SDK.  SimbaEngine allows you to quickly build ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers for any data source.  Usually, when companies come looking for the SimbaEngine SDK, they want to build a driver that lets Tableau or Excel connect to their data source.  Simba is the natural choice because both Tableau and Microsoft actually use Simba drivers.  Simba initially partnered with Microsoft to develop the ODBC specification and Simba is also the only commercial ODBC driver vendor that supports the latest ODBC 3.8 standard.

Speaking of Spark, Steve Miller wrote a very good post at Information Management on Spark entitled “A Spark for Analytics“.  This is worth a read.  He even quotes Mike Olson from Cloudera saying that Spark could very well be the successor for MapReduce.