I am excited to be at the Strata Hadoop World conference in New York this week. Today, Simba announced ODBC and JDBC drivers for products like Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon redshift, and Amazon DynamoDB. Although we officially announced these drivers today, some of them, like the ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server, have already been shipping in products like Tableau and Microsoft Excel for many months now. Today’s announcement is only the latest in a string of firsts. Simba was the first to deliver enterprise class ODBC and JDBC drivers for Cloudera, HortonWorks, and MapR. In fact, these 3 major Hadoop distributions independently chose Simba to be the source of their ODBC and JDBC drivers. Simba also worked with Databricks in the early day of SparkSQL (remember Shark?) and so also became the defacto ODBC and JDBC drivers for SparkSQL. Simba then went on to build ODBC and JDBC drivers for MongoDB, Cassandra, Drill, and Couchbase. We are also planning ODBC and JDBC drivers for Phoenix and Presto. Simba has the most comprehensive list of ODBC and JDBC drivers for Hadoop, BigData, and NoSQL data sources. So it is exciting to be at Strata Hadoop World because I remember when Strata and Hadoop World were small conferences. Today, walking around the Javits Convention Centre, it is amazing how this world of data has grown so big. I am proud to see how Simba has partnered with all the major companies in this space to enable standards based data connectivity. If you are at Strata this week, please come by the Simba booth so we can talk about data connectivity and I can tell you how our ODBC and JDBC drivers have a built in SQL engine that supports collaborative query execution. We also have cool Canadian “toques” that we are giving out. And if you have a cool new data engine, we would love to chat about how we can help you build your own ODBC and JDBC drivers for standards based data access.