As software engineers, we aren’t often presented a chance to express our artistic talents…at least when it comes to sculpting. Not so at Simba! Every year, in the week before Halloween, Simbians and their friends and families show off their creative skills in the annual pumpkin-carving and potluck party as they vie for a top three-placement (and coveted prizes). This year, fourteen teams collaborated to produce the works of art shown above and below. There were epic displays of teamwork amongst coworkers and families.


When not getting down and dirty with the pumpkins, our crafty carvers and observers were kept very well fed this year with a vast array of dishes. The dessert food group was well represented with homemade chocolate chip cookies, cute little cocktail Jello squares, the best darned pound cake (our COO couldn’t get enough of it!), pumpkin pie (seriously, what’s a pumpkin party without pumpkin pie?), and enough candy to make any dentist cringe. To balance things out, homemade salmon dip, a variety of tea sandwiches, the cheesiest mac and cheese, warm pesto pasta, freshly-fried samosas, and the finest spinach and artichoke dip (I probably ate half of that myself!) represented the savory options.

We had some inventive entries for this year’s pumpkin carving contest, which made voting for our favorites the next day challenging. With a voting participation rate (68%!) that would blow any municipal, provincial or federal election out of the water, the brainy pumpkin (bottom left) took top honors, followed closely behind by the spider (middle, second from left) and the wolf that represents House Stark in Game of Thrones (middle, left).