2019 is a pivotal moment for data connectivity as the ability to access consistent, accurate and reliable data has become table stakes for intelligent decision-making for every company.

It’s why our Simba Connectivity business is experiencing strong momentum. We’re powering up to meet the growing customer demand for connecting to the explosion of data created from more and more sources.

Simba is the industry’s de facto choice for standards-based data connectivity … and the preferred engineering partner for leading software developers and application data providers.

A prime example is Google BigQuery, a fully-managed data service that lets users run queries against data stored on Google Cloud Storage. Simba is the official developer for Google Cloud BigQuery ODBC and JDBC drivers. And with the growing adoption of BigQuery, our Simba team is on the front lines working closely with BigQuery development teams to deliver new capabilities.

According to Chad W. Jennings, Product Manager, Google:

“Working with Magnitude’s Simba team allowed us to bring new improvements to an even larger part of the Google BigQuery user base to empower faster business analysis and reporting. Most recently, the Simba team has added support for our BigQuery Storage API making it possible for our users to realize massive performance benefits.”

Read our press release for more highlights on our Simba Connectivity business momentum.