Simba has been conducting a survey on how pervasively enterprises use Excel for BI.   We’re getting some very interesting results, and if you participate we’ll send you a final copy.   What role does Excel play in your overall Business Intelligence and Reporting strategy?   Do you use it only to consolidate BI from other sources for fixed reporting?  Or can report users employ it to refresh and refine a report?   Does your BI, no matter what the analytic source, eventually end up in Excel anyway?

We thought it would make sense to extend the survey until the end of the ODTUG KScope11 conference June 26-30 in Long Beach, California.   We’ll be presenting, and have a booth.   Please drop by our booth to say hello.  And consider attending our talk “Use New BI Features in Excel 2010 with Oracle OLAP” on Monday, June 27 at 2:30pm where we will show you the newest BI features in Excel operating through a hot direct connection to Oracle Database using Simba’s “MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP“.

Until then, reserve yourself a copy of our survey results by taking the confidential survey here.