Last Friday we officially announced the availability of the Simba XMLA Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0.

It’s been great fun showing this product update off to customers. If you missed our webinar demonstrating Cognos on Simba XMLA for Oracle, check out our events archive so you can view it on demand. We got a lot of good feedback on the product and many interesting questions.

I received one good question off the air about the Cognos webinar. A viewer wrote in and asked if any special Oracle expertise is required to connect Cognos to Simba XMLA for Oracle. The answer is no. If you know how create a data connection in Cognos, and you know how publish a cube using the Cognos Framework Manager, then you can use Simba XMLA for Oracle. There is no special configuration required in the Cognos Framework Manager. All you have to do is set the appropriate data provider when configuring the data source, and Cognos “just works”. That’s a side-effect of our architecture, which is a standards-based solution for MDX connectivity via XMLA.

We just updated our cloud evaluation servers. If you’re interested in trying the product for yourself, fill in the Simba XMLA for Oracle evaluation form and one of our sales team will get back to you with the details.