We are delighted to announce that we have added support for “Create Table as Select” (CTAS) to our Simba SQLEngine, in the newly released SimbaEngine X SDK, v10.1.2.

Create Table as Select

The SQL-2003 specification defines “Create Table as Select” (CTAS) to support the creation of a new table based on the results of a select query. A sample CTAS query would be “Create Table NewTable AS Select * From Employee” which takes the contents of the Employee table and puts them into a new table called NewTable.

The Simba SQLEngine is a self-contained SQL parser and execution engine that you can use in your custom driver to convert SQL queries and commands into a format that your data store understands. It allows you to add SQL processing capability to a non-SQL-capable data store, making your data available to common reporting tools through standard interfaces.

The Simba SQLEngine consumes SQL-92 queries, parses them, and creates an optimized execution plan, then allows your DSI implementation to take over part or all of the execution, and finally executes the plan against your connector implementation.

CTAS Support in SimbaEngine X SDK

In addition to supporting SQL-92 statements, the Simba SQLEngine now supports SQL-2003 CTAS SQL statements. In order to implement CTAS support in your connector you must already support the ability to create tables. Apart from that there is not much else that you will need to do. For details please see our Developer Guide for Data Stores Without SQL.

In this release we have also included some bug fixes and, of course, more optimisations. The Hybrid Hash optimisation is now another 10% faster for nested join queries executed in an environment with low memory limit.

Download SimbaEngine X SDK, v10.1.2 now for a test run!

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